Embrace Your Sense of Humor and Live Your Best Life

All of our products are designed to encourage your self-improvement journey, and help you embrace the joy in life. Laugh and smile every day!

Making personal changes--especially in the face of mental illness--is difficult. It's important to find motivation and support in the people and things you surround yourself with. Take opportunities to continually remind yourself that even on your worst days, you possess the strength to keep going. You are so much stronger than you realize. You are a warrior.

Each and every one of us struggles at some point in life. There’s no escaping that possibility. Those of us who live day-to-day with mental illness, though. . . we don’t just struggle. 

We fight. 

We fight depression, or anxiety, or bipolar, or whatever else has chosen to bless us with it's presence (enter sarcasm).
 We HAVE to fight. EVERY. DAY. Otherwise--we lose ourselves. We all know on some days the fight is easier, but on those other days, it can be absolutely brutal.

My ambition is that the blog and the shop at Simply Living become:

- a source of support & motivation
- a venue for learning
- strategies to strengthen your resilience, self-worth, & positivity
- proactive methods of self-care
- the value of crisis plan development
- an outlet to safely share your story and find comfort in knowing you are not alone
- and among other things, an endless fountain of humor, smiles, and joy!

Well, maybe not a fountain, but I'll throw in a few things we're hopeful will make you smile.

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